Should you Take Out Finance for a Car?

Finance options are available in their hundreds for cars. If you are thinking about getting a new car, chances are you have thought about taking out a finance deal. This question is, is it worth it?

PCP finance is a good option if you cannot afford high monthly payments. With PCP, you will only be paying to rent the car, essentially. At the end of your contract, usually around 3 years, you will have to either return the car or buy it for a balloon payment that would have been decided at the start of your contract.

If you can afford higher payments, it might be better to take out a car loan. You will have to pay more money, but you will also own your car at the end of your contract, meaning that the money you pay out is all worthwhile. Of course, if you can afford to, don’t take out any finance at all and buy your car outright.