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Is your Steering Properly Aligned?

Wheel alignment is so important when driving. Not only can it help save your tyres – by around 12,000 miles! – it also makes it safer to drive. If wheel alignment (also known as tracking) is off, it can make the car feel difficult to drive and can make the whole driving experience unsafe. You’ll usually be able to feel if your steering alignment isn’t as it should be, but you can have wheel alignment checked for free to be sure.

First, you must make sure the toe is correct. This is to do with the closeness of back and front tyres, which you may hear being described as toe in or toe out. You also need to take camber into consideration, which is the way the tyre is tilted. Camber can be described as negative or positive and might be affected by dips in the road and driving into potholes, which can known them out of line.