Car Parts

Do You Need New Wheels?

Wheels might need changing if they suffer significant damage, such as if you drive into a curb and dent them. There are other things that can happen to wheels though, that might be less obvious and that can still be highly problematic if not addressed. These are some signs your wheels might be damaged beyond repair:

  • Poorer fuel efficiency. If wheels and tyres aren’t working as they should be, this could cause poorer fuel efficiency. Uneven wear and tear is usually responsible for this.
  • A feeling of the car pulling to one side during driving. This could be because of problems with the wheels.
  • Rattling noises. If parts have come loose inside the wheels, this could be because of the wheels.

You may not always need new wheels. New parts of bearings may be sufficient. Contact a mechanic to find out what is going to be the right approach for you.