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How to Check your Car’s Oil

Checking your car’s oil should be done at least once a month, or perhaps even more often if you have an older vehicle. You need to make sure that your car has enough oil in it to run properly and you also need to check that nothing looks wrong with the oil. If it does, you should get an oil change but you may also want to ensure that it isn’t a sign of a larger problem. Here is what you should do to check your oil levels: Make sure the engine is cold. Your vehicle should have been switched off for at least ten minutes, but preferably longer. Locate the dipstick. This will depend on whether you have a rear-wheel or front-wheel drive car. If you are unsure you can check in the manual. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Re-insert the dipstick. Make sure you put it back in the correct way as the pipe is bent. Remove the stick again and check the line of oil. The stick will be labelled to show what the correct oil level should be.